G2G Metal Couture Lookbook Shoot

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Photographer: Dylan Prebich
MUA|Hair: Paolette Aguilar
Designer: Ron Ostlund Jr
Cosmetics: Pao Cosmetics

G2G Metal Couture x Dressing Wildfire Lookbook
Meet the man behind the metal, a talented designer and my good friend Ron Ostlund Jr owner and designer of G2G Metal Couture! Since knowing Ron i've had the pleasure of collaborating with him in the past and since then have watched his creativity blossom along with his growing success in the fashion industry. From unique industrial furniture to jewelry, theres nothing quite as comparable to his mind blowing creativity with metal and design. Recently Ron and myself teamed up with a group of talented LA artist for a successfully edgy look book editorial at Vasquez Rocks. During this shoot I styled each look using a darker color palette and highlighted the pieces by minimizing color in each piece. For example in the first images with Ron's industrial body chain, I only used one color throughout the entire look to get the silver he in his piece to pop at its best. Then using cut out shorts from Little Black Diamond and a rocker fringe jacket I combined his body chain with uniquely edgy pieces that wouldn't overpower the look but enhance the overall vibe. Needless to say wether it'd be an industrial body chain or metal bralette, I never have issues styling outfits with anything from g2g metal. 

Check out some of Ron's behind the scene pictures and a look at his creative process when making new pieces...

Going beyond the pictures, I was excited to do a short interview with the designer giving me an opportunity to pick at more his creativity..

Q:How did you get into the art of metal couture and design?
A:  Well it pretty much came from deciding to not be scared to do what I wanted.  I decided one day that I didn't have to be limited to jewelry that would sell in the stores I sold in.  At that point I decided to design some metal couture costumes and figure out where my skills lacked.  Because I am self taught in metal work and basically metal smithing I just had to figure it out.  I have very limited tooling but I use what I have as best i can.  Part of the visual style my work has is from that lack of tools and the methods I use to create pieces.  So anyway what I figured out was that I was not able to do extensive metal forming.  I looked at the costumes I designed on paper and mentally  went through them "yes I can do that, yes on that part, no i can't form metal cups for the bust section of this".  Once I figured out what I couldn't do I set out to figure it out.   Point blank breasts were my nemesis!!!  I asked around to some of the models I knew and found someone quickly to be my mannequin and the rest is history...  Or something like that.  I still struggle to form metal to the human body but I love the challenge.

Q:Were do you draw your creative inspiration from?
A: My inspiration comes from everywhere, from lines, from colors, from shapes, just anything.  I put all this stuff in a mental catalogue and it just swirls around in a mess till something clicks.  I also seek out inspiration by continually looking at photography and fashion etc.  I may see a shoot and look at the styling and just see where I could work metal into it. Most of it happens without thinking anymore, its sort of autonomous.

Q: What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made? How has your taste evolved since then?

A: Wow now you are making me think!  I recall making a couple pieces of jewelry way way back in 2001 or 2002 timeframe.  I have had an interest in it for quite some time but never really pursued it till about 4 years ago.  My taste sort of evolved as my materials and construction process evolved.  I started using different shapes of aluminum tubing that I would cut into rings and fashion necklaces and earring out of.  That sort of evolved into hammering and forming after seeing the work of designer Marjorie Baer. I sort of mix and match styles as I see fit or as I am inspired, its always in flux I guess you could say. 

Q:How do you go about creating a new piece? Describe your design process  
A: It all starts with an idea.... Then most of the time I just sit down and make it.  Sometimes I make templates and drawings, but mostly I will just sit down and make it.  Obviously it depends on if it is jewelry or metal couture.  If its a piece of metal couture I will find the right model based on her body to create it on. I really strive to create pieces that are truly functional and wearable.  That takes a lot of attention to detail and how the body moves.  The hard part is making the particular design fit the model I am working with, because everyone is so different.  Once I find the right person, I schedule a build session and they come to my shop and we get to work.  I take measurements, make templates, cut metal and form it.  As I start to form I check to make sure it is fitting properly and doing what it needs to do.  As an example a bra may need to give someone shape and lift so I have to design that into the cups in some fashion.  Metal is so different than dealing with fabric but in the end the struggle and challenge is so worth the effort.  

Q:What are your favorite types of materials to work with?
A:  I love working with aluminum the most because its easy!  It is light and strong and soft enough to cold form easily. It looks like silver but is cheap and doesn't tarnish.  I could go on and on but I won't.  I like brass and copper  too but they are much heavier and need much more upkeep to keep looking nice.  The tend to tarnish or oxidize quickly if you don't use polish or waxes often. 

Q: What are your least favorite materials to work with?
A:  As stated above I would have to say brass and copper but I still don't hate those materials.  I think maybe I should add fufu stuff like beads and crystals here! 

Q:What is the most meaningful piece you've created or to whom?
A: I think I have a couple here.  One is my youngest brothers wedding band, which was the first time I ever worked with silver. Two is a pair of earrings I created for a friend and business mentor.  She passed from cancer suddenly not long after she received them.  It was pretty heartbreaking because she wanted me to create something bold and warrior like to fit her personality.  I nailed the design and she loved them but unfortunately her time as a warrior was soon over...

Q:Do you have a favorite piece from your many collections and if so which one?
A:  I don't really have a favorite piece but I have a favorite shoot, if that counts?  It was truly epic and just a crazy effort to get it done on time and all the pieces worked out.  The shoot is called "Heavy Metals" and I worked with the best fashion photographer in my area on it.  It was a team effort and the end product and imagery are so bad ass I still can't believe I had anything to do with it! 

Shout out to my team on this shoot who managed to survive rain, hail, and 40 degrees for this editorial you guys kiiled it! and of coarse the man behind the metal Ron! Its always a pleasure to collaborate with you

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