Thursday, July 30, 2015

With Chelsey Rader Photography
Featuring Metal Couture by Ron Ostlund Jr.

Photographer|Wardrobe: Chelsey Rader
Model Featuring: Jen Hanie
Designs by G2G Metal Couture

After teaming up with a group of talented LA artist and G2G Metal Couture for a lookbook editorial (as see in my last post HERE), I couldn't help but throw a second shoot together at a chance to get behind the camera to take pictures of Ron's eye catching metal bra. Hand made with interior padding and soft leather straps, it's obvious that a good amount of time and detail went into making this one of a kind piece. Now some of you may be thinking, "Is that comfortable" or my favorite "couldn't the metal heat up and burn you?" Firstly, from my experience with this bra it's actually quite comfortable with the right amount of padding and slight push up adjustment. Now to answer your second question with padding attached underneath the metal cups, no the bra won't burn you… Comfortably wearable it can be styled if have a love for custom couture but I wanted to keep this shoot simple to really show the detail in metal from every angel. Pulling inspiration one of his previous shoots (seen in the pictures below), I decided to drown my model in silver metallic glitter giving her a soft yet edgy industrial look. Creating the same vibe but in the essence of summer, G2G metal couture is a great wear year round.

Be sure to check out more designs by the talented metal couture designer, Ron Ostlund Jr HERE!

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