Friday, June 05, 2015

With Chelsey Rader Photography

Skirt: Goodwill || Crop Top: || Necklace: Natalie B Jewelry
Photographer| Wardrobe Stylist: Chelsey Rader
Model Featuring Jen Hanie

There's plenty of tips and tricks when putting together a sucessful photo shoot, however putting together its overall look is what can make or break you. In my editorials, I like to captivate a sense of emotion and appeal by focusing it's mood around something so simple as style. To me it doesn't make sense to put a model in beautiful location but forget how important the look of what you are shooting is. A pretty face and a good push up bra will only take you so far without proper creative direction.. and besides clothes are a luxury you buy, but piecing together finished looks from your own creativity and inspiration, well that is talent…That is styling you wardrobe specialist you..

So in one of my recent blog editorials, I pulled inspiration from the roots of nature's prairie and styled this elegantly bohemian look. What better way to become inspired then by using the scenery around you? By using highlighting points such as dry brush, blue sky, and textured rocks; this looks color palette stayed simple to enhance the earth tones in the pictures. Then by using soft flowing fabric that did not hug the body, my model moved freely allowing the wind to gracefully dance along side her to create an almost weightless effect. 

If theres one piece of advice I'd give any aspiring photographer or model, it's to never underestimate the power of a wardrobe stylist

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