Shekhar Rahate on the Runway

Friday, May 09, 2014

 With Chelsey Rader Photography
Assistant: Jen Hanie

Designer Shekhar Rahate seen on left with actress Abigail Hargrove seen on right
Shekhar Rahate 
The beauty of elegance and high-fashion was showcased on the runway during Shekhar Rehate's private show in West Hollywood California. Varieties of unique styles, vibrant colors, and exotic fabrics walked the runway as fans and their iPhones covered each step. I joined in the crowds hurrah with my camera front and center for the show. Not a step to be missed as his riveting gowns glistened, eyes attracted to the attention to detail from each piece and silhouette. Shekhar Rehate has masted the technique designing gowns that compliment a woman's silhouette while allowing her to move with comfort and grace. With years of experience, he has accomplished numbers achievements in the fashion industry, has been awarded Fashion Couturier of the Year in 2012, and continues to grow as a talented designer. Thank you again to Shekhar Rahate for this opportunity and invitation, it was a beautiful show!

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