Beach Front

Friday, May 06, 2016

With Chelsey Rader Photography

Top: American Apparel || Bottoms: American Apparel || Hat: Brixton
Photographer & Stylist: Chelsey Rader
Model Featuring: Tori Holbrook
Equipment: 70D Canon || 24mm Lens

With a trunk filled with wardrobe, I drove down California's coast for some fun in the sun with Tori Holbrook in beautiful San Diego. I've had plenty of great beach shoots but this is now one of my favorites. Theres nothing like shooting at the perfect time of day, to get that perfect warm light that truly takes your shoot to the next level. A word of advice to all my aspiring photographer friends, if your shooting in an open space with no shade and direct sun light, try positioning your model so the sun is used as their backdrop. By properly adjusting your ISO and aperture, your able to manipulate the sun to work with you which in the end can create a beautiful shot.

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