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Monday, October 13, 2014

Photographer: Dan Krauss

Dressing Wildfire x EShakti.com Collaboration

In my opinion, there will always be mixture of reviews when online shopping (lets face it you can't please everyone..) but this is my review expressing my own personal experience collaborating with Eshakti.com which I must say was delightful. If your a women of fashion you know its rare to find something in your closet that you don't have to dance to put on especially when it comes to finding that perfect fit that stays comfortable throughout the day and still compliments your figure. After being approached to collaborate with EShakti.com I was surprised to find a solution to this ongoing problem. Eshakti is an India-based clothing company that offers the option to customize almost everything they sell as well as create pieces to your personal measurements for reasonable prices. They do this by customizing specifics such as neckline, skirt length, sleeve type and dress shape, style and more for a wide range of ages. When browsing through their online site you'll notice multiple style options such as "boho chic" or "modern retro" all of which seem to be driven from the roots of elegance and retro similarities. It's "made-to-order" which is simpler terms means you pick it, they make it.. Here's an example of their Step-by-Step process...

Once approached by the companies media relations, I gladly accepted the opportunity to collaborate  and was able to scroll through an overwhelming amount of astonishing prints as well as classy fits to create a custom dress personalized to me. After hours of indecisively scrolling page to page I finally made up my mind on this velvet maroon scoop neck dress. Once samples are processed they are shipped in about 14-18 calendar days from your order date and seeing how many of these are tailored to your personal sizes I can't complain. Each step of the way I received a confirmation email and once shipped immediately received a tracking number. Then in record time about 7 days later my custom dress had arrived and in my option nothing beats a long day then coming home to a package of new clothes waiting by the door.

So How did it fit? 
Like a glove! Normally it's difficult for me to shop online and assume "hey this has potential". But when I received my dress I am happy to say each measurement was exact, the waist line hit perfect, the scoop neck didn't hit too low or high, and most importantly it was comfortable! A perfect dress to show off for the holidays
How was the material?
Word of advice, If you wanna invest in your wardrobe you should educate yourself on the material that goes into making it. After reading a few reviews complaining about the fabric I did some investigation and came to my own conclusion..Their online site specifies exactly what fabric goes into the garnet along with each detailing of the waist line, elastic if used etc. Heres an example: Polyester/spandex, knit velvet, high sheen, stretch, soft drape, heavier mid-weight. - See more HERE . So try not to complain if your not familiar with quality of the material your ordering vs the price you pay when your given the information prior to ordering. For me at least the quality of the velvet was on point, the dress was double lined with slip underneath, and even had comfortable stretch to it around the bust and waist line.

So thank you to EShakti.com for my excellent experience and special thanks to your media relations group who were not only quick at responding but also very helpful each step of the way! You can find EShakti.com on Facebook, Pintrest, and Instagram as well as their online shop HERE.

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