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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Traveling Tips
Helpful tips from a past local to you travelers out there. Whether it'd be an hour drive or a 24 hour flight, San Francisco is a city to see and probably the only city i've felt so free..So my traveling tips for you are as follows:
  1. ALWAYs have a jacket handy, backtrack to the 90's & tie it around your waste
  2. ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes and carry spare change - appreciate public transportation but be patient with it
  3. Accept that you will always discover new things in Golden Gate park no matter how many times you've been there
  4. Go to lands end, don't ask questions
  5. drink cheap in china town, the most affordable alcohol is there along with food poisoning
  6. Go to twin peaks at night, and unless you wanna freeze bring a jacket..in fact just don't go anywhere without one…SO PACK WARM CLOTHES
  7. Alcatraz should not be the first thing on your to-do list
  8. stay away from the tenderloin, I may have just saved your life
  9. To budget your travel expense, parking is near impossible - don't drive around. You'll be paying more in gas and tickets then you spend during the entire trip
  10. Whatever you do, NEVER call it "Frisco"
Most importantly enjoy and embrace San Francisco and all the sleepless city has to offer, it will always make the best memories if you give it a chance. 

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