Rest in Peace JIMI

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Lace Leotard: Urban Outfitters // Lace Leggings: Kucoon // Sports Coat: Goodwill // Hat & Shoes: Forever21 


If theres one saying I undoubtedly agree with its too "dress everyday like you're going to Jimi Hendrix's funeral" and I do believe Jimi himself would approve of this look. Layering the entire outfit with nothing but lace and a sports coat, I'm bringing out my inner foxy lady. Hazed in a daze rocking Kucoon Lace Pants, nothing went more perfectly then a coat with some color. Not only am i reminiscing on some Jimi, but if your a fan of those 90's films you'll notice a similarity between my sports coats and the one Jim Carey wears in "The Mask". Being an obsessive 90's fan, I couldn't believe this golden find from Goodwill.  So Jimi and Jim Carey this looks for you and if theres any advice I could give to you readers out there its "dress everyday like you're going to Jimi Hendrix's funereal." People will remember what you do, but make them remember what you wore.

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