Monday, March 17, 2014

Becca (left): Leotard: Love Culture // Necklace: Cross Roads
Chelsey (right): Leotard: NastyGal // Hat: Forever21

What you thought I was done? Thought Becca and I were done working together?? NOPE. Far from it actually! Let me be honest…As a photographer wardrobe stylist, I adore every aspect of what it is I do. Whether it be dragging equipment to various locations, posing uncomfortably for the right shot, capturing moments that will live on way past my own years, stressing to pull together final looks, etc…I LOVE what I do I LOVE what I express and most importantly I have LOVED being a blogger. But for that small amount of time, I wasn't sure what I loved about any of it anymore. I started questioning if the work I did for my blog was fulfilling or if I was just showing off amateur work. If you've been following me, you know how much heart I put into Dressing Wildfire. I don't want to be just another "fashion blogger", I want more I want to earn my opportunities and appreciate my success..I don't want it to be only about me or what I wear…I want people to remember my talent not just my style. So instead feeling like a show off posting half ass knowing my heart was split in two I decided to focus on proving myself and my photography was more then just amateur work…Oh yeah I never mentioned the only reason I picked up a camera was because I needed pictures for my blog…so I taught myself everything within 2 months heard people calling me a photographer before I even considered myself one. Maybe thats why I felt so amateur with my work?...I want my photography to represent a style of my own as I do my fashion sense so although my posting was on hold, I never stopped creating, shooting, styling…I focused on really challenging myself with a camera, spending hours developing my photography til my heart aced for my blog…It was like a bad break up lol…but sometimes we need to go back to the beginning to remind ourselves what it was that truly sparked a once adored ambitious passion for what we do. So please forgive me readers for my delayed post and thanks for listening to me vent!! I've got that fire back in my heart and work that is going to grab you to your computer screen. Believe me? well…guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out..

Over n Out,

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