LA Style Fashion Week - Day 1

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dress: Kucoon // Blazer: BEBE // Ankle Boots: H&M // Hat: Forever21 // Frindge Bag: Brandy Mellville

  No Sleep during Fashion Week, Let the Fest!v!t!es begin!

Out here at LA live event deck covering the amazing designers who are gracing LA Style Week Spring 2014 collections. An amazing experience I had the pleasure of enjoying with Rebeca for day 1! The large venue screamed style as guest were ready to make their appearance on the red carpet.

Eye catching art, designers, brands, and vendors filled the room grabbing the attention of all attendees. Personally the booth that clench my undying attention was JAKIMAC to which I had an opportunity to speak with designer Jackie Capozzoli . I instantly noticed her passion for this LA based line and am so grateful to have had a conversation with such humble industry professional. If your looking to truly spice-up your style and bring out your inner burning man I'd highly recommend checking them out. The attention to detail and use of leather is outstanding!

Before the show I met the beautiful Andrea Giovino whose daughter Brittany Fogarty was gracing runway and soon found myself backstage capturing these behind the scene pics! Models practicing their walk, designers finalizing looks,  media covering every second of the night; ahh I can go on and on! And to add a cherry on top of this stylish sundae I met Joy Green who (CONGRATS) is now featured in Vogue. I had noticed her previously from her add campaign for Levis this year and can honestly say she is one of the most down to earth models I've spoken with. Face full of smiles and personality that could light up a room, these are the type of models who deserve all the success this industry has to offer. Shout out to Brittany as well who is another great example of a beautiful model inside and out.

The rest of the night drenched in fabric and creativity so stay tuned for the next few post dedicated to those ambitiously talented designers and their 2014 collection on the runway! I can't wait to show you a front row view of each line, but for now back to the festivities!

Special thank you to Andrea, Brittany, as well as her modeling agency Myelite Modeling Management for giving me an opportunity to get the full runway experience at the show! You two ladies are truly a power team and inspiration.

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