Levi's x Lookbook Event

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday Nights Levi's Revel event was an interesting night from beginning to end. Before the night time festivities Rebecca and I met up with Stacey from Trendy Outings to shoot on Melrose in Hollywood. After finally finishing up, we ventured through LA's horrific traffic toward the event. Realizing we ended up on the wrong side of downtown matters quickly got worse once my car refussed to turn on! So long story short after much struggle we push my car into a safe non-towable spot on the street and within the hour finally get it to turn on. Fashionably late we arrive at the event back in our heels and ready for a good time! The venue was beautifully decorated indoors and out with a Levi's photo booth, delicious selection of wine and champaign as well as mouth watering appetizers. It was an enjoyable evening with other industry specialist and bloggers sharing interest and stories throughout the night. Thank you to LookBookNu & Levi's as well as all the beautiful faces who made it out to the event! If you haven't looked for your fit of levi's, its never too late! Try from their many selections of tapered and relaxed jeans and see why their known the innovator of denim.
Stay tuned for details of my outfit at the event next post on the blog!


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