Bohemian Fall

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

With Christina Mia Photography
Featuring MakeUp by Sarah Di Maria Poole and Hair by Vanessa Hassett

Dressing WildfireDressing WildfireDressing WildfireDressing WildfireDressing WildfireSalmon Long Sleeved Button Up: Cross Roads, White Pho-Fur Vest: Cross Roads, Black Lace-Designed Tights: Pacsun,  Gold Vintage Necklace: Lucky Brand Jeans, Gold Imprinted Ring: Lucky Brand Jeans (Prop: Light bulb Vase- made by Chelsey Rader)

Photographer: Christina Mia (
Stylist: Chelsey Rader
MUA: Sarah Di Maria Poole ( /
Hair Stylist: Vanessa Hassett (
Model Featuring: Breyanna Rader (

Enough of the dry land, we ventured back into a forest for a softer inspired shoot. Mixing a taste of a bohemian and fall, I layered each piece using different materials and textures. An interesting idea to mix pho fur and lace with satin but it works! For a prop I cut open a lightbulb, added some water topped with flowers, and bamm:  A flower vase. Simple and easy to make, a beautiful idea for a center piece (in this case for the shoot!)

Huge thank you to our MUA Sarah Di Maria Poole and Hair Stylist Vanessa Hassett for there time and talent!! Dressing Wildfire
Christina's Photography page :

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