Gypsy Rain

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

With Chelsey Rader Photography
Featuring makeup by Paolette Aguilar

Dressing Wildfire
Dressing Wildfire
Dressing Wildfire
Dressing WildfireDressing Wildfire
Dressing Wildfire
Dressing Wildfire
Dressing Wildfire

White knit top: Goodwill, Gypsy inspired Maxi-skirt: Goodwill, Oversized John Lennon Glasses: Venice Beach Boardwalk, Gold Chocker Necklace: Labels, Gold-Chain attachable earring: a Chelsey Rader Original (yes made by me!)

Photographer: Chelsey Rader
Make-Up Artist: Paolette Aguilar (
Stylist: Chelsey Rader
Model Featuring: Carson Goodwin (

Using the same location as the "Into the woods" shoot; we ventured through the rain with more great findings from Goodwill! With a beautiful gypsy inspired skirt, I combined the gold and yellows with a basic white knit top to brighten each inch of the garment. Small mirror patches sewn throughout the skirt were my personal favorite for this piece.

Dressing Wildfire Thank you to our talented makeup artist Paolette Aguilar! To contact her  please email and check out more from her portfolio at

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